Star Garnet for grounding, protection, & security: Small Tumbled

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Feeling a little unsettled? This Tumbled Star Garnet is the perfect crystal to work with when you feel you need a bit more grounding. Similar to star rubies and star sapphires, less than 5 percent of garnets display a star or aphorism. Star garnet is an ultimate grounding stone that helps you feel safe, more protected, and secure in your life. It also supports you in moving from that place of feeling protected, held, and loved. Additionally, star garnet is helpful to work with when you feel your life force is waning as it helps you find hope and optimism, another set of properties that this stone represents. Work with this Tumbled Star Garnet anytime you need to anchor down and feel supported.

Garnet is a protective, calming, and stabilizing Root Chakra gem that pulls you back to center. It’s a wonderful ally for gently grounding your dreams and manifesting your desires. Garnet brings balance, security, and works as a powerful anchor to Mother Earth. This traveler’s stone was once regarded as a powerful talisman of protection and was worn by discoverers and adventure-seekers of ancient times. Garnet encourages commitment — in love, in service, to yourself, and others. It also sparks romance, love, and passion. Garnet helps you integrate the wisdom of Spirit to overcome challenges with ease, strength, and grace.

Tumbled stones are convenient magic – potent enough to hold the properties of your stone, yet small enough to keep it close without feeling weighed down. Keep one of these pieces in your bra or pocket or hold during meditation to remind you that you are supported and protected. However you choose to work with yours, may it serve you well. And so it is.

This listing is for one (1) Star Garnet: Small Tumbled Grade AAA (about 0.5-1”)