About Us

Every offering is made with divine intention and magic to cultivate holistic wellness and ascension for the collective. True Node was founded in Colorado by me, Laura Winkel. I have been called to guide people back to ancient practices my entire life, but like so many others have resisted the calling. Denying my life's purpose had led me into sickness and unrest. Finally, I have stepped out of the shadows and into my power and my purpose. Now, I am an initiated Priestess, Certified Advanced Soul Shift Healer, Certified Advanced Crystal Healer, Certified Angelofos Practitioner, Certified Manifestation Guide, and Certified Oracle and Spirit Channel. Bringing my True Node to you is how I plan to share magic and spirituality with the collective. I plan to bring special products and share information in the hopes that I can help you expand your personal power and wellness the way that I have. I invite you to join me on this quest. Feel free to send me a message if there is something you would like to see me bring to the shop and I will see what I can do. Don't forget to follow us!