Sacred tools and spirit medicine

our process


Every piece used is carefully chosen, no part is insignificant. Each bead, the string, the wick, everything is chosen to pair with intuition and united by magic healing hands with intention in a sacred space.

Crafted in the Highest Vibration

Each handmade item is created in a sacred space that has been cleared with ethically sourced White Sage and ceremonial Copal. The space is sealed at the four directions with Selenite to keep all negative frequencies out. A blessing is breathed into each knot. The finished product is bathed in the special frequency 432 Hz, often called the "God Frequency".

Charged, Blessed, and Activated

Your tools arrive to you ready for sacred and ritual use. In service to Mother Earth, and with love for all beings in the universe, we ask that Spirit infuse your tools with ancient wisdom, divine white light, and the violet flame of healing and protection.