Ocean Jasper Pendant for joy, high spirits, & happiness

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Introducing the new line from Starlight Creations, Twistz by Starlight! This Ocean Jasper Cabochon was wrapped with love by Miss Mae and will serve you well as you wear them close to your heart.

Ocean Jasper, it's the Happiness Stone. Ocean Jasper comes from one ocean-facing mine in Madagascar, which is mined exclusively by women supporting a female-run enterprise in that country. You can’t work with Ocean Jasper and be unhappy at the same time. If you’re looking to raise your vibrations and swim in the happy, this Stacker is for you.

Ocean Jasper is a stone of joy and high spirits that lifts the veil of negativity and helps you see things from a more positive point of view. It activates the Solar Plexus, Heart, and Throat Chakras and brings physical and emotional healing. Ocean Jasper supports the release of self-defeating behaviors by opening your eyes and heart to healthier habits and thought processes. It guides you to change patterns that manifest dis-ease in your body or spirit. Ocean jasper promotes playfulness, self-expression, relaxation, and infuses your words and creations with love and happiness. It also connects you with the physical world. If you need some uplifting and more fun in your life, ocean jasper is your ally.

Blessings & Happiness,