Magic Berries | Forest Berry

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Wear these elegant "magic berries" to work with the magic (or color) that you desire. They are easy to switch out as your needs shift. Collect them all as an easy way to work with a variety of stones without taking up a lot of space or breaking the bank! Choose from Silver or Gold colored metal and wear on your favorite chain. Accessorize with your intentions or with your outfits! However you choose, may they serve you well.

Tree Agate carries within it the energy of the forest, the wisdom of the tree people, and the grounding of the Earth. This is THE stability stone, and working with it will leave you feeling more settled, calm, and grounded. Tree Agate activates the Heart Chakra, which increases positive emotional well-being. It helps you to face any challenges and pains with courage and encourages you to live in serenity. It brings a greater balance to the emotional body and inspires you to lead from a place of love. Tree Agate is an important form of dendritic agate connected to Druid magic. Its striations with gorgeous green markings differentiate it from other forms of dendritic stone.

This listing is for 1 green & white Forrest Berry pendant (about 10mm) in the metal of your choosing. It does not come with a chain.