K2 Heart for love through psychic vision & deep healing

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Open a gateway to tremendous healing and wellness with this K2 Stacker from Pakistan! K2 stone is a relatively new introduction to the metaphysical community, but energy workers all around the world are running to work with it. It’s a powerhouse combination of granite, azurite, and malachite that comes exclusively from Pakistan’s K2 mountain – the second highest peak in the world. This gem brings wellness and is known to deepen intuition, activate the Heart and Third Eye Chakras, and open up pathways towards deep spiritual growth. If you’re ready to empower your crystal collection with one of the planet’s rarest and most otherworldly minerals, this offering is for you.

The azurite inclusions in K2 stone offer direct access to the Akashic Records by enhancing your intuitive visioning abilities. Granite brings grounding and support. Malachite is the most potent stone for feminine healing. It’s a Heart Chakra powerhouse that provides EMF protection and protects you from low vibrations.

The frequency of K2 stone also activates the Third Eye Chakra, enhancing your psychic abilities and helping you see beyond our physical world of time and space. This crystal is a powerful tool for deep spiritual development and soul retrieval. Working with K2 stone brings harmony and overall balance to the body, combining all aspects of spiritual and physical wellness.