Dendritic Agate Palm Stone for evolving into your truest self

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Dendritic Agate is an extremely potent and magical gem. Dendritic Agate is a transformative crystal that aids in doing the inner work that brings about major change. It helps you to see yourself honestly and clearly, encouraging you to see your true nature and reach for your highest potential. Dendritic Agate is a grounding stone that helps you stay in the present moment. Known as the Stone of Plentitude, it brings energies of fullness and abundance. Dendritic Agate is strongly connected to the Earth, deepening our relationship to the planet and our ancestors. A powerful talisman for anyone in therapy, meditation practitioners, and those deepening their inner work, this palm stone can help you achieve the desired results while keeping an open, positive, and realistic outlook. It helps you stay focused despite circumstances and is a positive influence in improving those circumstances over the long term.