Charoite Pendant for courage through change

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Introducing the new line from Starlight Creations, Twistz by Starlight! This Charoite bead was wrapped with love by Miss Mae and will serve you well as you wear it close to your heart.

You don’t have to go through change alone if you’ve got this Tumbled Charoite. Charoite, a rare gem, prompts insights on past, present, and future challenges, gently guiding you to your highest path. It’s known as the warrior’s stone and promotes courage, optimism, and originality. Charoite facilitates access to past life lessons, heals emotional fears, and connects you with higher realm guidance. Work with this gem to feel supported on your journey.

Charoite helps you navigate change with ease and grace and activates the Crown Chakra for spiritual evolution and integration. It’s a stone of the Violet Ray, with gorgeous swirls of violet, purple, and black – almost like strokes of paint. Charoite’s lines and etchings are a reminder that you can weather harsh storms and be even more beautiful having survived them. If you’re undergoing a time of transformation, expansion, and soul work, charoite will serve as your gemstone companion, bringing out your inner strength.