Botswana Agate Ring for grieving & loneliness

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Introducing the new line from Starlight Creations, Curlz by Starlight! This faceted Botswana Agate bead was wrapped with love by Miss Mae and will serve you well.

Botswana Agate wraps its layers of gentle pinks, brown and grays around the soul like soft, warm flannel. It is comforting and protective, soothing to those who are lonely, easily hurt or grieve a loss. Its quiet energy is particularly centering in meditation, and as a fortification Agate, it supports love and the strength to look for solutions rather than dwelling on difficulties. Botswana Agate is excellent for those serious about giving up smoking. Botswana Agate is also a stone of protection for all who work with fire, and protects the home from fires. Botswana Agate is said to repel spiders.