Weight Loss Support Stackers

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Blue Apatite is a Throat Chakra gem that helps you speak your truth and connect with your intuition. It’s considered a guidance stone and brings the wisdom of teachers, spirit guides, elders, and archangels. Blue Apatite also promotes clarity, offers direction when you need it, and encourages the release of what no longer serves you. Just like its green counterpart, Blue Apatite helps reduce cravings and supports the healing of food and weight management issues. However, blue apatite is more focused on spiritual support than on purely physical matters.

Green Apatite helps ease your body into alignment with your ideal weight. It helps curb your appetite and let go of unhealthy emotional patterns that can cause you to overeat. Green Apatite encourages you to shed any physical or energetic mass that’s not in service of your highest good. This gem also helps ease financial burdens and stress, supports attracting the right job, and gives you the boost you need to manifest your dreams.

Adorn yourself with this Blue & Green Apatite Duo to begin harnessing their power. As you wear yours, rest still in the wisdom that you are held and supported in all that you do, instilled with the light of the higher realms themselves. And so it is.

This listing is for 2 gemstone Stackers (about 7" and 8mm) as described above.

Blessings of perfect weight,