Turquoise Pendant for a true & sacred voice

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Introducing the new line from Starlight Creations, Twistz by Starlight! This Turquoise bead  was wrapped with love by Miss Mae and will serve you well as you wear it close to your heart.

Turquoise is a stone that embodies wholeness and higher truth. It can aid you as you manifest and cultivate those qualities. This stone primarily stimulates the Throat Chakra, which makes it easier for you to articulate your deepest wisdom. As it is a stone of wholeness, turquoise is also beneficial for your overall well-being. It is a balancing ally and it promotes a rich sense of serenity and overall peacefulness. The stone's abundant Throat Chakra enlivening energies will help you on your journey to recognizing and expressing your deepest truths, both new and old. Such a potent yet gentle stone.