Prosper - a team of crystal allies for prosperity, abundance, & success

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Work with this team of crystal allies to achieve your financial goals. Carry these stones with you for support and as a reminder that you can achieve anything that you desire and that nothing is out of reach.

1 tumbled Citrine attracts wealth, abundance, success, & positive energy. It cleanses & carries the energy of the sun.   

1 tumbled Green Aventurine brings prosperity & good luck

1 natural Tree Agate is the stone of plentitude, strongly connected to nature & abundance as a birthright.

1 tumbled Tiger's Eye assists in accomplishing goals, manifesting your will, & boosting personal power. Promotes good outcomes.

1 natural Pyrite helps uncover and overcome the obstacles blocking fulfillment of your greatest desires.

1 tumbled Malachite is the stone of transformation which supports powerful manifestation.

This listing is for one (1) Prosper Team, as described above in a golden carrying pouch.