Forever Young Mookaite Jasper Stacker for a youthful, radiant beauty

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Bring the fountain of youth to you with this stretchy Forever Young Mookaite Jasper Stacker! More than anything, maintaining beauty and youthfulness is a matter of how you feel about yourself. When we look beautiful, we feel beautiful. And when we feel beautiful, it shows on the outside! Mookaite jasper is one of my most treasured beauty secrets. Its medicine and magic are in its ability to help you look at aging and beauty from a space of empowerment, rather than a place of loss or lack. If there’s a crystal source of eternal youth, this is it. If you’re seeking beauty, on the inside and out, this adornment is for you.

Mookaite jasper is known as “The Beauty Stone” – and for good reason! This gem promotes graceful aging and keeps both your physical and spiritual bodies youthful. Mookaite jasper is a Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakra gem that brings water element energy and is associated with the goddess Venus. It leads you to notice and appreciate the beauty in the world around you, so you can receive it and reflect it with your own being. Work with this stone and you’ll feel brand new – energized and optimistic, filled with a newfound sense of hope and passion for life. You’ll find your skin healthy and glowing, more radiant than ever before.

Wear this Forever Young Mookaite Jasper Stacker to connect to your inner (and outer!) beauty. With Mookaite jasper directly contacting your skin, it’s easier to receive its medicine and feel energized. However you choose to work with yours, may it surround you with its radiant vibrations.

This listing is for one Stacker.

Beautiful Blessings