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Wear this Stacker so that no matter where you are in the world, you can always have a piece of home with you. Montana, Big Sky Country, The Treasure State. The 41st state to enter the union.  The state mineral is Agate. Flower Agate is often referred to as Montana Agate.

The Agate Family - Agates are grounding stones. They assist in bringing about emotional, physical and mental balance. They harmonize Yin/Yang and positive/negative energies, sooth and bring clarity and concentration to all situations. Agates heal emotional trauma providing that sense of safety and security by dissolving tension. Agate improves your energy and confidence. It gently shows you the truth of situations. This stone helps with emotional balance, offering courage, balance, and endurance to body, mind, and spirit. It smooths and stabilizes the aura and helps precision of inner sight. Agate helps you to get in touch with your inner self. It transmutes dark emotions, such as jealousy, bitterness, and resentment while promoting self-acceptance and forgiveness.

Flower Agate carries a gentle feminine vibration that’s nourishing and nurturing. If you have someone in your corner who gently pushes you to be all that you are, then you can imagine the essence and vibration of flower agate. It’s like a life coach in crystal form; ready to encourage you to be all you’re here to be while not letting you settle for anything other than your best. Also a stone of peace and stress management, flower agate will help you filter through the fears, clearing the path for you to grow and unfold into your highest potential.

This listing is for one (1) stretch Montana is MY Home Home (about 7" around) with polished Flower Agate beads (about 8mm), 2 or 4 Heishi spacer beads representing the color's of the state flag, available with or without a Montana state charm. 



*If your wrist is larger than 7" please send us a message for a custom size and allow extra time for resourcing.