Jasper Arrowhead Pendant for strength, protection, & harmony

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Jasper of all kinds brings a grounding quality and stability to the physical and emotional bodies. It’s a calming stone, helping you to remain balanced while preventing overreaction to external stimuli. Jasper encourages self-love and kindness – of others and self. Working with this gem will help you to move with greater ease and grace, despite circumstances. Shaped as the Native American talisman for power and protection, the arrowhead, Jasper's protective prowess becomes heightened, and its medicine magnified.

The arrowhead is a Native American talisman that is believed to cover its wearer with a protective shield, guarding him or her from illness and negative energy. In Native American tradition, the talisman would be strung and worn around the neck, safeguarding its wearer from enemies and absorbing power.

This listing is for one Jasper Arrowhead Pendant from India (about 2.5 - 3.5” in size).