Black Onyx Crow Carvings for courage and spirit realm connection

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Black onyx activates your Root Chakra and purifies your thoughts and inner monologue so that you can be fully present for yourself. It’s a type of chalcedony and a member of the quartz family. This stone enhances inner strength, endurance, and persistence during the completion of challenging tasks. It attracts good luck and a strong harvest. It also helps stimulate focus and conserves vital energy. Black onyx aids in memory retention. It encourages attention to detail and helps you to manage where and how you place your will and intention, which brings about personal power and strength. Black onyx has grounding and protective properties, balances scattered energies and helps empaths by absorbing and transmuting lower vibrations within people or places.

Crow Medicine shares the gift of communication. Crows are remarkably adaptable and great vocalizers. They have the capability of remembering faces, recognizing those who are kind to them, and can mimic other creatures and be taught to speak. We can use this medicine to better understand each other as well. Crow Medicine reminds us we have choices and encourages us to open ourselves to change and experience the spirit all around us. In many cultures, the Crow is seen as the sacred keeper of law, a messenger of divination, and a symbol of magic and change.

Place one of these Black Onyx Crow Carvings on your desk or altar to welcome in grounding, protection, and spirit realm connection. Meditate with one of these pieces, allowing it to bring you into greater awareness of your adaptability and inner strength. However you choose to work with these pieces, may they serve you well. And so it is.