Higher Purpose Garnierite & Moonstone Egg for soul pathing

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Step into your full, radiant power and make your deepest visions come true with this Higher Purpose Garnierite with Moonstone Egg! I Garnierite is a unique Heart Chakra gem that grounds you, helps you heal from trauma, propels you forward on your soul path, and empowers you to embrace your Divine Self. It gets its green color from nickel inclusions – the brighter the green, the higher the nickel content. Nickel is an incredible transmitter of energy and is also detoxifying and protective, making it an extraordinary ally in healing work.

This egg also contains moonstone. Just like its name suggests, moonstone draws down the magic of the moon. Moonstone is a Crown Chakra gem of higher purpose, gratitude, feminine empowerment, and fullness. It symbolizes an answer to prayer and reminds you to be grateful for your current blessings while helping you bring your visions and dreams to life. 

Eggs, along with all seeds, contain the complete potential of life within. The cosmic egg is a symbol of the entire universe and the balance of masculine and feminine. Eggs are sacred to the goddess Ostara, symbolizing fertility and the renewed cycle of life. These eggs send potent energies of acceptance, transformation, and wisdom all throughout your sacred space. I recommend meditating with one of these eggs. Allow it to help you find your soul path and evolve spiritually.

About  14.4 oz and 5" x 4"

Sphere stand not included.