Druzy Blue Chalcedony Heart for self healing, communication, and transmuting anger

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Chalcedony is known as the forgiveness stone. It helps heal karmic wounds and debts, as well as trauma in the present lifetime. It eases feelings of anger and encourages self-care, so you feel you have more to give to others. If you struggle with putting your needs first so that you may care for others, this is the offering for you.

These druzy blue chalcedony hearts embody deep soul replenishment and their effects are quite immediate. They help ease tensions with co-workers when they arise. Chalcedony raises peaceful vibrations. It’s also a stone for opening the Throat Chakra and speaking your personal truth. In that way it’s quite empowering, too. Definitely a great stone for people in the helping and teaching professions.

I recommend meditating with your druzy blue chalcedony heart to discern its unique energy. Trust your intuition, it will not lead you astray.

about 4" x 4' & 13.9 oz