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Autumn represents the dark phase of the Great Wheel. Across the world, when summer ends and trees begin their descent into slumber and rejuvenation, allowing the leaves to cover the barren fields, people honor those who have passed from the earthly plane. These are beautiful, powerful, and sacred traditions, that turn the expression of grief into a celebration of a person’s life.

Traditionally, skulls hold our secrets and carry our wisdom. Even after we die, skulls are said to hold and channel what they learned from us in life, capable of transferring that information and wisdom to others.

Working with Dia de los Muertos skulls will facilitate your connection with the ancient wisdom of your ancestors and deceased loved ones. Place yours on your altar to remind you that you are always in oneness with those who have already departed their Earthly home, and passed on to the other side. Wear them when you need them with you.

The magic of Howlite (White Buffalo Turquoise) lies in its ability to powerfully open and activate the Crown Chakra. Howlite aligns this energetic center, creating a direct and powerful channel between you and the higher realms – and the result is pure, radiant peace. This stone is also powerful in ensuring restful sleep and peaceful dreams. When you work with this gemstone, all of your worries, fears, and doubts will melt away, and you will be able to walk this realm calm and confident, trusting in the universe and the divine path it has laid out for you.

This listing is for 1 stacker as described above with dyed Howlite.

Star is a beloved friend of mine who was stabbed to death in front of her 8 year old son by his father, her estranged husband. This was shortly after she was denied a restraining order when she told the court she was in fear for her life and for the life of her child. 

100% of profits from this collection will be given directly to her son when he turns 18. This is Star's way of making sure he doesn't have to make it completely on his own, without the guiding light and financial support of his mamasaurus.

A'men, A'ho, & So it is.


Blessings of connection & remembrance,