Communication Pendulum Boards for accessing your inner truth

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Working with these Maple Communication Pendulum Boards is such a powerful way to access your inner truth. Do you have a question that you’re curious to know the answer to? Are you unsure of where you are in life and in need of confirmation from the universe that you’re where you should be? If so, this offering is for you!  Say goodbye to uncertainty and fear, because once you ask your pendulum a question, it’ll guide you in your quest to unravel all the mysteries that lie deep within you, as well as those of the universe.

Reverberating with powerful divination magic, these boards will serve as your guide as you journey inward into the realm of ancient wisdom that lives deep within you. To use your pendulum board and pendulum, begin by holding your pendulum over the board with a steady hand. Then, ask of its divine wisdom. Request that only positive energy of the highest vibration and white light guide you. Allow the pendulum to answer you as it begins to swing toward opposite navigational points of your pendulum board. Once it’s swinging distinctly towards an answer on the mat, you’ll have your answer to what was unknown!