Bloodstone Stacker for ease of physical pain

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Call in healing and protection with this Bloodstone Stacker. The ancient Greeks called this gem “bloodstone” because it looks like there are little drops of blood in it, but that’s actually just red jasper and green jasper. This is my go-to stone for healing of any kind. Hold this gem in meditation and allow its potent energy to support your overall well-being. 

Bloodstone strengthens the Root Chakra and promotes closure and healing in emotional situations. It also brings relief from pain and promotes rejuvenation, endurance, and protection. When feeling fearful or frail, bloodstone enhances tenacity, strength, and energy. It gives you the confidence to face challenges, instills the courage to move forward, and carries encouraging, comforting energy. Bloodstone will be your ally in difficult times, increasing your resilience and resolve. It is also a birthstone for March.

8mm beads. This listing is for one Stacker.

Healing Blessings,