7 Chakra Stacker for complete energetic alignment

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Harmonize your energy with this 7 Chakra Stacker. All challenges, illnesses, or dis-eases of any kind can be traced back to a chakra or chakras in need of healing. One of the best ways to activate and align your energy centers is with crystal healing. Wearing gemstone jewelry is an easy way to absorb crystal medicine – and it’s most effective when the stone directly touches your skin, like with this bracelet. This sacred adornment is made with a rainbow of stones to balance ALL 7 of your chakras. The stones activate & heal root to crown. 

Chakras are energy centers within and surrounding your physical body. You can think of them as your body’s vortexes, receiving and sending information from Earth below to the Spirit Realm above and vice versa. Everything is energy, and energy in a healthy system is always moving and flowing smoothly. Working with your chakras allows you to improve your energy flow, which is the key to everything you desire. By shifting and moving into healthy energetic alignment, you’ll feel better, happier, and more at peace. Wear your 7 Chakra Stacker to balance and align your chakras, heal your body, mind, and spirit, and adorn yourself with a rainbow of nature’s beauty. And so it is.

Root - Garnet is an ultimate grounding stone that helps you feel safe, more protected, and secure in your life. It also supports you in moving from that place of feeling protected, held, and loved. Additionally, Garnet is helpful to work with when you feel your life force is waning as it helps you find hope and optimism, another set of properties that this stone represents. Garnet will help you anytime you need to anchor down and feel supported. Garnet is a protective, calming, and stabilizing Root Chakra gem that pulls you back to center. It’s a wonderful ally for gently grounding your dreams and manifesting your desires. Garnet brings balance, security, and works as a powerful anchor to Mother Earth. This traveler’s stone was once regarded as a powerful talisman of protection and was worn by discoverers and adventure-seekers of ancient times. Garnet encourages commitment — in love, in service, to yourself, and others. It also sparks romance, love, and passion. Garnet helps you integrate the wisdom of Spirit to overcome challenges with ease, strength, and grace.

Sacral - Carnelian: This gem of fire brings courage and a creative spark. Known as the gemstone version of caffeine, Carnelian enhances stamina, optimism, and empowerment. It reminds you that you’re divinely alive, boosting your energy when you’re feeling down. Carnelian increases vitality, encouraging you to take a chance and actively manifest your deepest goals and dreams. It helps to move past the fear of failure and motivates you to embrace change.

Solar Plexus - Citrine:  Citrine’s sunny and bright disposition imparts wonder, delight, and enthusiasm. It increases your levels of empowerment, self-esteem, and confidence to help you fully recognize all of your shining, special attributes. Citrine is also a stimulant and strengthens the intellectual and creative thinking faculties, encouraging motivation, inspiration, and self-expression. Beyond what it does for the Solar Plexus Chakra, Citrine increases mental clarity and attracts prosperity. It’s a powerful stone of manifestation and money magic and the perfect tool to work with for all things abundance. Citrine, also called the “merchant’s stone” continually transforms your energy with its vibrant, expansive power. Work with this piece to call in abundance of all kinds. 

Heart - Chrysoprase is like a gemstone Band-Aid for the hurting heart and is an extraordinary emotional healer. Has someone hurt you? Disappointed you? Left you or made you leave? So many of us walk through life with wounds that take time, patience, and great care to heal. Chrysoprase speeds that process in a way that even Rose Quartz can’t. It resonates with the Heart Chakra and brings peace, perspective, and acceptance while allowing you to be present to the memories; it just eases the pain.

Throat - Amazonite is a Throat Chakra stone that encourages speaking your truth clearly with clarity, ease, and confidence. It helps to heal unhealthy communication patterns and assists you in having difficult conversations with ease. Working with this gem opens the door to heartfelt sharing.

Third Eye - Iolite: also known as cordierite, helps you find your way through the voyage of life. The Vikings used it to help them “see” their voyages in their Third Eye Chakra before they left the shore and worked with it during their voyage to avoid getting lost. Iolite increases the vividness and detail of vision. Iolite bridges your present mind with intuitive knowing, drawing a strong energetic link between your brain and heart.

Crown - Amethyst is a Violet Ray gem that brings divine energies of protection, mercy, love, forgiveness, freedom, and transformation. Violet has the highest frequency in the visible spectrum. What is beyond violet is invisible to the human eye. Violet and Amethyst have long been associated with spirituality and the Crown Chakra, our connection to the angels and higher realms. Amethyst can help you fall and stay asleep, enter into deeper states of meditation, and its high frequency naturally repels lower energies. It brings a clearer understanding of your life experience and helps to integrate higher wisdom. I work with Amethyst for balance, peace, purification, detoxification, self-control, wisdom, discernment, and spiritual evolution. The name Amethyst comes from the Greek word amethustos, which means “not intoxicated".

This listing is for one (1) 7 Chakra Stacker (about 7”, each bead about 8mm, a mix of smooth and faceted beads)


*If your wrist is smaller or larger than 7" please send us a message for a custom size and allow extra time for resourcing.